Friday, March 15, 2013

South Korea: 10 Facts

Annyeong haseyo! It's been quite a time since I blogged. I have not yet written about a few destinations I visited in the past but I'd like to go fast forward and talk about my not so recent trip to the land of boybands, girl groups, kimchi, BB creams and novelas - South Korea.

 Back Story

My Korean visa was released 2 days prior to my booked flight schedule. Thank heavens there was no further verifications or proofs asked of me. Had it happened, I might have given up this trip.

Came along with me were my good friends who happen to be travel junkies. Everything was set. Sweaters, jackets, trench coats, boots, socks, body heater and stuff. We were so ready to combat the winter temperature of South Korea. We thought.

For travelistas out there, ready yourselves if you're planning to come on winter because cold season in SoKor is no joke. Protect your body from cold. And be sure to be on your top body conditiion when you wander around this great destination.

South Korea is the 10th country I got to visit. Let the pictures speak and literally describe how awesome this place is. With great views, rich culture, excellent dishes, friendly people who would try their very best to communicate with you to the extent that they'll go with you, shopping finds and the fact that I was sick during this tour, I will definitely visit South Korea again! This time, during autumn. Meanwhile, enjoy the following facts and/or observations about this place.

Little Facts/Observations About Korea

1. Sad thing is SoKor got its independence on 1945 from Japanese occupation.

2. Funny thing is a lot of Japanese are touring this place. 

3. There's few Pinoy travelistas here.

4. Coffee shops distance from each other in Seoul is approximately 30 meters. LOL


5. Korean artistic designs are cute and practical. 

6. For first time Korean food taster, try bulgogi.

7. Its subway system has I think 18 lines. Whoah!

8. You must visit SPAO boutique. It's like the Zara of Korea.

9. Beauty creams are cheaper here. If you are a sucker of Skin Food, Face shop products then Korea is for you.

10. Taxi flat rate in Seoul is 2,300 won or 90 pesos.