Tuesday, August 30, 2011

101 Things I Certainly Enjoyed: No. 7: Camwhoring at Senado Square

My Macau trip was full of memories. Hence, here's another entry with photos (of course) shot in a Calle Crisologo-ish Senado Square.

Senado Square or Largo do Senado was created by Portuguese experts. It is paved by a wave-patterned mosaic of colored stones starting from the main road up to St. Paul's ruins. It is enclosed by the buildings of Leal Senado, the general post office and St. Dominic Church. This square is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Don't you love the tilings of the pavement? 

This trip was FUN because of my company - the three tough cookies namely Jeng, Jen and Glad.

The three girls are my batch mates in the telco I am presently employed. Glad, in blue polo, aside from being a batch mate, was my high school barkada. Jen, in black, was our former colleague and currently works in Dubai. The lady in checkered top is Jeng, a former colleague as well and currently works in an IT company. Only me and Glad remain loyal to our company. Hanggang kelan? hahaha!

The Senado Sqaure is the gateway to one of Macau's main attractions. Ruins of St. Paul Church that is. It has McDonald's and other fast food chains. The Mc Donald's here serves the typical meals with a twist! Their menu boasts of soup with burger. Don't ask me how it tastes! We never had the guts to try it though! hahaha!

Noticed that in Macau Bossini Boutiques are bigger that the usual boutiques there. Same in Hong Kong.

AND NOW presenting the bida shots and supporting role shots. =))

Glad and yours truly as supporting subjects. haha!

Bida shot! :D

Another bida shot!

Kick it! --> Bida shot!

Singit shot! haha!

Supporting roles. Passers-by kuno!

May MAS BIBIDA pa ba dito?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My First Boracay Trip

WARNING: Pictures are blurred. They were taken using my 2006-acquired Nokia 70 phone and worst they were shrinked! haha! Paliwanag ako sa presinto. =))

It seems that every travelista has been to Boracay. And for me it's a pre-requisite! Before you discover and check out other places, you must go to this wonderful island first. Likewise, everyone has great Boracay experience that can be shared.

It was on 2007 when I first set foot to Boracay. The vacation was subsidized by the company. So, expected that it was a sort of a team building amongst colleagues or within your team for that matter. Being a pasaway, I joined the other team because most of my barkadas are there. hahaha! 

Phati, Me, Lara and Glad
Boracay is breathtaking. That is an understatement. Search for internet photos and see for yourself . My pictures won't give justice to its beauty. Pardon guys. =))

Boracay is an island where everything is present just around the corner. You can always rely to D'Mall! This market has food stalls, fast food chains, ice cream stalls, coffee shops, souvenir shops, internet shops, boutiques, restaus, etc. Name it they have it! This is situated in the center of White Beach stretch. Station 2, that is.

Shells! In one of the souvenir shops of D'Mall.

Where? This post is still in Boracay as of this time. I just checked it. =D This is near D'Mall

The buffet breakfast in Patio Pacific was delicious! But forget the dinner and lunch meals (that time). They all tasted the same! Arrrrgh! Sorry Patio, though you are one of our partner hotels in Boracay (Shameless plugging hahaha! -> http://www.facebook.com/DJEFTravelandTours). For your travels needs, DJEF may help you. =)

With other colleagues during breakfast. As mentioned, I was not part of their team. So was Lara. 

We were in Boracay on May 2007. There was no much sunlight because of typhoon. Sigh! But still managed to enjoy the sand, the beach and the party!

At Paraw with Lanie, Phati, Ian and Tuks. 
Paraw is one bar place in Boracay you shouldn't miss! This is where we discovered some party steps (ala dougie) that up to now we are using and laugh on whenever we do them. Haaaayyy, I miss Paraw! 

Aside from the wine, spirit, beers, chats and smoke Paraw can offer, there were also controversial scenes on the side. haha! Pero sabi nga nila, what happens in Boracay stays in Boracay.
THE famous FRIDAYS wooden letters.

  Boracay is one place Filipinos can be proud of. Even better than Phuket and Bali. =) Come October this year, I will visit this place again with friends. My family and I will be celebrating new year here on January 2012 as well. Can you imagine how excited I am? :) Ikaw, ano ang kuentong Boracay mo?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

101 Things I Certainly Enjoyed: No. 6: Try-out Mickey Mouse Stuffs

After the breath-taking fireworks display at the Disney Castle (by the way, Glad and Jeng did not enjoy much of it. According to them Manila Ocean Park's fireworks display was waaaay better) we checked out the stores and found these cool items. Not to mention that we made them as props to make fun of ourselves! hahaha!
Jeng, Jen, me and Glad

Biggy hand! =))

I thought Minnie Mouse was conservative? Hmmmm =))

Bebang 1 and yours truly. Afar, a girl was looking at us.

With Bebang 2, Bebang 1 and Bebang 3.
These photos make me laugh whenever I see them. We did not buy any of the items in the photos. Such a waste of money haha! (times 6 pesos din yun --- common phrase kapag nasa HK)
Just a tip. When buying stuff in HK, it's cheaper when you use credit card. :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

101 Things I Certainly Enjoyed: No. 5: "Chill" Out at Le Petit Boheur

We were arguing how to pronounce this ice cream place in Bantayan Island.

Said I, "Le Peti Bon-wa!" Some agreed. Lara said, "Le Peti Bonhoir" Some agreed as well.

Yours truly and Lara.
x !!!!!

We were all wrong. According to the servers, it should be pronounced as "Le Peti Bonu!"
What the @#$$!!!!! hahaha! Forget about the correct pronounciation. Let's just eat ice cream!

So sinfully yummy! 

The sinners! =))

101 Things I Certainly Enjoyed: No. 4 - Larsian sa Cebu!

Larsian is a food center in Cebu City wherein inihaw dishes are served.

Larsian is a must-visit/try place in Cebu. (Cebu is more than just Magellan's cross folks)
Yummy and super cheap food! Busog to the bones! 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

101 Things I Certainly Enjoyed: No. 2 - Experience The Coldness of Ditumabo Falls

You will get to see this mini falls before you reach the Mother Falls of Ditumabo.

The mother falls! The water's so cold. Freezing cold!

This is paradise. Worth a visit! :)

101 Things I Certainly Enjoyed: No. 1 - Ride A Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car

I never thought riding a Ngong Ping cable car would be relaxing! A perfect stress-buster! 


For almost half an hour ride you will experience peace of mind. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Petrona's Tower

I have to admit that I am a fan of John Lloyd and Bea tandem. Who wouldn't love their tandem? Their on-screen chemistry is unparalleled. All of their films are really worth-watching in my humble opinion.

One of their notable movies was I Miss You Like Crazy. It was shown in February 2010. The movie is famous by these two actors' lines - " Alam mo pag tinitignan ko yung Petronas para lang silang magka-holding hands. Minsan nga para silang nag uusap. Sabi nung isa - masaya ako pag kasama kita."

Cheesy lines! Para nga ba silang nag-uusap lang?

Ethel, my twin sister and yours truly at the majestic Petronas Tower in Kuala Lumpur
These twin towers are really a sight to behold.  Details of each tower's edges are intricate and meticulously designed. Great architecture!

If Mia and Allan, character names of Bea and JL in the movie, respectively, compared the towers to two lovers holding hands, let me compare them to twin siblings. Just like us - me and my twin sister.

We may not be holding hands but our hearts and souls are intertwined and can never be separated apart.