Thursday, July 21, 2011

Singapore: The Little Great

Singapore was my first out of the country trip with my beloved twin sister, Ethel. It was a good decision that we chose this city as our first international destination for this one was an eye-opener for me. It made me crave for more cities to visit, more culture to know, more people to meet.

My sister and I at Changi Airport Terminal 3

This one was memorable not only because it was my first but also because this trip made me get out of the traumatic experience I had last year. Our father died on the exact day of our supposed 25th birthday party celebration, December 19, 2009.

Hence, this trip was sort of a "healing" trip for us. My stay lasted for 10 days while my sister was 5 days. She had to leave early for her kids.

My first impression about this city as I set foot to Changi airport was like "OK. Nothing special. This is just another Makati City." I uttered the same exact words to Melanie, a dear friend of mine who is a perminanent resident of Singapore when she asked me about my say about this city.

I was wrong! This was an exemption to the adage, "First impressions last."

Here are some of our pictures. 

Afar is the biggest merlion statue in Singapore.


What was I doing? haha!

Friendly Assistance
I was lucky enough to be blessed with two great friends who welcomed us and made us stay at their condo places for free (of course). Super thanks to Melanie and Yanyan, the hostesses.

Me, Yanyan and Melanie at Raffles
Yanyan fetched us from the airport. Not to tell you that she waited for 2 hours. I thought our departure was at 2PM. It was at 4PM instead. Patiently, she waited and she had to. She was obliged to. Just kidding!

Nine nights were spent in Melanie's place which is situated in Ang Mo Kio while one night was in Yanyan's at Jurong East.


Ten days was enough  to tour the whole Singapura. To this date, I can vouch that this little city has the best train system.

For those who are planning to start an out of the country trip and still undecided which city to visit to, I highly recommend this city. It has touches of everything world can offer. In short, Singapore is a good sampler of the world.

Singapore is an epitome of greatness, distinction and modernization. Definitely, I will be going back to this awesome little country anytime soon :)


  1. How I wish na sana maging tulad ng Pilipinas ang Singapore.

    WILL -

  2. We can still keep our hopes high Sir Will. No one knows :) BTW, i followed you and your wife's blog ;)