Tuesday, August 9, 2011

101 Things I Certainly Enjoyed: No. 6: Try-out Mickey Mouse Stuffs

After the breath-taking fireworks display at the Disney Castle (by the way, Glad and Jeng did not enjoy much of it. According to them Manila Ocean Park's fireworks display was waaaay better) we checked out the stores and found these cool items. Not to mention that we made them as props to make fun of ourselves! hahaha!
Jeng, Jen, me and Glad

Biggy hand! =))

I thought Minnie Mouse was conservative? Hmmmm =))

Bebang 1 and yours truly. Afar, a girl was looking at us.

With Bebang 2, Bebang 1 and Bebang 3.
These photos make me laugh whenever I see them. We did not buy any of the items in the photos. Such a waste of money haha! (times 6 pesos din yun --- common phrase kapag nasa HK)
Just a tip. When buying stuff in HK, it's cheaper when you use credit card. :)


  1. i love you so much labs! :)

  2. LOL at photo with Minnie! Definitely not looking conservative ;p

  3. Hi Pinay Travel Junkie! You're right! She's certainly not! haha! BTW, your blog is nice ;)