Tuesday, October 25, 2011

101 Things I Certainly Enjoyed: No. 8 - Barkada Bonding in Baguio City

If there's really one thing I certainly enjoyed, it would have to be the Baguio trip I had with friends. I have gone to the city of pines more than a couple of times but this recent visit was a blast! Actually, not so recent because we went there February this year to witness Panagbenga Festival. 

This trip was well-planned. Seat plan, food, committee on this and that, places to visit and budget were in writing - sealed with signatures. :)) (Napagtripan lang.)

 That's my right hand signing.

In order to reach Baguio earliest time possible, we decided to sleep over Rubymel's place. We barely slept! How can you sleep if your barkada was so witty and wild? haha! We just talked, laughed and teased each other and waited for 2AM - departure time. We realized that sleep over prior to a trip was bad of an idea. Never will we do that again! Never. Promise! 

Rubymel's residence. The "sleep over".

Came 2AM. We were all present except Jennifer. Actually, we were contacting her since midnight and we hadn't got any word from her. We were clueless if she'd come. But fortunately, at 230AM she texted and told us that she was on her way. Yey!

Fast forward to road trip enroute to Baguio. 

First stop was Manaoag Church. Too good we were able to hear the first mass. I couldn't remember when was the last I visited this place. Before my father died, he went here on his own to fulfill his promise to Him in favor of something he asked for even if it wasn't granted. :)

This also happened to be CORY Day. haha!

After churching, we continued our journey. As normal, we were all laughing, telling stories and butting in every  humor someone would punch in. Those abnormal acts are normal to us. Haha!

We reached the lion's head at around 630AM. We had a sip of strawberry taho. Yummy! A bit of picture taking. Then we went to the city proper to meet our accommodation agent.

Upon checking every corner of the house we rented for a night, Sheryl cooked sinigang for us. Her sinigang was one heaven of a dish! Ang saarap! From then on, she's our official cook. I don't think she liked that idea but she had no choice. haha! After lunching, our happy (as usual) adventure started. 

And here are the pictures of our childhood acts :)) I have lots of pictures to upload but the following are only those approved by screening committee. Enjoy! :)

Picture taken after the Panagbenga parade.


Who was the best mimicker?
Kamukha ni Regine Velasquez yung mermaid. :))

Magkaisa, magkapit-bisig: Baguio Revolution

Awating for the parade to start. Rubymel was so irate! :))

Jennifer was feeling celebrity. Baka dumugin!

Why were they running?
Why were we laughing?

SM Baguio
Never-dying jump shot!

Ang KJ ko :D

Burnham Park

Patayin sa kiliti si Jennifer!
Mga api!
The Mansion
This kid was laughing at us! :))

Don't miss out this restaurant. :) Great food! Gutom na gutom na kami dito.

Playful "kids".

Couldn't explain further the fun memories we had shared together in Baguio. Basta masaya kami magkakasama :)

My normal friends :D From left: Jennifer, Mayette, Tope, Sheryl, Glad and Rubymel

I hope above photos helped me in explaining though. Actually, while doing this entry, I couldn't help but laugh out loud by mere looking at them. Ikaw, which picture you laughed at the most? 

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