Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Memories of Bali

Bali! Oh Bali! How can I forget thee? I couldn't believe up to this very moment that I had set foot and saw the wonders of this Land of Gods. Truly, Bali is one place I shall not forget too soon.

Wishnu Park

I had always been excited about touring around this island since I booked my flight. I started reading blogs and forum so as to have ideas on whereabouts and must sees in Bali. However, it was kinda laborious to sip through all the facts and come up with a solid plan. Thank God my colleagues in Batam, Indonesia were also going to Bali for a vacation on the same date of my arrival. Talking about luck!

From Left: Richard, Made Jordan, Murih's two kids, yours truly and Irfan Fauzie
It was Mas Made Jordan and Mas Irfan Fauzie who made our 4-day Bali tour worthwhile and sulit. For the duration, we got to visit 11 best destinations Bali could offer. These two guys were crazy and nuts! We were laughing the whole time. Also, exchanged cultures and traditions of our mother lands. Good to know that Indonesian and Filipino are so alike. Hence, we clicked. I will be forever grateful to you both.

I got to experience Balinese and Hindu culture, rituals and I liked their nasi goreng. I have to commend their local people for being nationalist in every sense of the word. They are so proud of their culture. That I think is the secret weapon of Bali. The showcase of their cultural heritage is their selling point. Tourism at its finest.

Traditional Balinese dance.

The famous Nasi Goreng. Yummy indeed.
Our stay in Bali was capped by water sports activities. Just so you know it was in Bali that I first tried jet skiing. And I fell in love with it! Thank you Pak Murih for the so many treats. By the way it was his birthday then.

It was my first time to do jet skiing and I fell in love with it. Couldnt way to do it again!

It was also in Bali that I experienced sunset again for the longest time.

It was one perfect sunset - still vivid in my memory.
Aside from the awesome experiences, food, people, gifts, fun and adventure, it was the friendship blossomed among my Hindu and Muslim Indonesian mas, pak and bu that filled my memories in Bali.

Dream Land Beach. It has just opened. Far better than Kuta beach.

Folks, what are your Bali memories?